Selling on Popular Sales Channels: An Ultimate Guide – #1

Our expert team at eBaytSoreDesigner has created an ultimate guide for our readers to comprehend various sales channels and select wisely which one could benefit them more.

It can be a really hard time to select one or prioritize popular ecommerce channels to open online stores and sell with them. In order to avoid confusion we have pen down a comparative study between all these ecommerce channels in terms of advantages & disadvantages so that sellers can get clear idea which way to go.


Magento offers variety of themes from the magento connects area to the sellers. These themes cost around £50 & extensions around £700 which is costly so far.

Magento being one of the largest ecommerce sites allows its sellers with flexible options to operate an online store. Almost everybody is familiar with leading sales channels prevailing in this global ecommerce market place.

Magento handles millions of Products, Currencies, Payment Methods, Languages & above all unlimited Buyers every day. Let us compare the advantage and disadvantage of magento platform.

Magento Advantages:

  • Intuitive page editor to build & modify what you sell
  • User friendly content management system
  • Responsive Magento shopping carts for all types of screens
  • Advance SEO techniques to improve organic traffic
  • Magento supports 500000+ products & more than 1900000+ orders per day
  • Excellent user experience & sales potential
  • Integration with third party sales platforms
  • Stringent security features to avoid breach
  • Intelligent search features
  • More than 240000 ecommerce users globally
  • You can make & operate multiple ecommerce stores

  • Magento Disadvantages:

  • Magento is an open source system and offers customization, but to implement these high end customizations you need sophisticated coding. This is not available with magento; you will need to hire professionals.
  • VPS, Dedicated servers & cloud servers uses robust server, ample of storage space and memory, which magento might not be using.
  • Magento is found to be slow on dedicated servers affecting your page loading speed.
  • Extensions & hosting service is costly

  • There are certain advantage & disadvantage associated with magento, yet it’s a great choice to set up an online store. Hiring a professional magento developer will be a wise decision if you are planning to go with magento.

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