11 Success Traits for Magento eCommerce Business – Part 1

Success with magento ecommerce website can be intangible if overlooked without a professional touch because the competition is very severe. The success of your website or online store depends on the overall look, functionality and mobility. According to an online research agency, 35% of buyers abandon purchase process due to complex site navigation system, 25% due to prolonged ordering process and 10% because of the website overall performance. There are numerous reasons to add the list, but that’s not our today’s point of discussion.

Mobile technology has laid a massive impact on the ecommerce industry and no seller can manage multi angular sales by ignoring it. This way mobile shopping has taken ecommerce market place at storm raining trillions of dollars every year and still expected to increase in near future.

You really need a smart strategy to grab your market share in this competitive time. eBayStoreDesigner brings you a brilliant compilation of successful magento ecommerce website development tips that will surely boost your online sales.

Read carefully to follow and implement the same to get guaranteed results.

Integrate a genuine strategy to restore buyers

Studies from highly acclaimed business schools reveal that business houses spend more to fetch new buyers compared to maintain the existing ones. A competent strategy must be incorporated so that buyers are retained. Well, what does a competent strategy look like? You can offer discounts to regular buyers, loyalty coupons, money back offers, seasonal discounts and festival bonus to attract your buyers. These are sure shot triggers to urge buyer’s to shop from you rather than your competitor. Another reason for your buyer to bounce back to you is the quality and price that you offer them.

Offer High End Support Services

A poor after sales service is enough to ruin your business whether online or offline and can cost you heavily. OK, what frustrates a buyer most? Yes, it is a filthy support service and there are number of aspects like you are dishonest in returns and refunds, shipping cost, you charge extra for free services and unearth hidden charges after a buyer makes purchase. All these together or in particular can easily tarnish your trustworthiness.

Well, then how to troubleshoot them? Simply appoint a customer care executive to look after all these affairs. Reach out to your buyer with all means like email, phone call, message, postal letters etc. and resolve queries if any. An excellent customer care service always pays the seller and tempts the seller to come back again and again.

Product Promotion

Keeping a continuous flow of online traffic, you need to design a smart email marketing plan that will deliver something new every time a buyer opens your mail. These promotion tactics keep you ranked high in the buyers’ insight. And if exact buyer segment is targeted with exact product promotion campaign then your sales will sky high within a short time. High revenue is a by-product not to mention.

Read part 2 of the blog series for more information on the success traits of your ecommerce business. Find more interesting facts on magento ecommerce website development in the next blog.

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