Selling on Popular Sales Channels: An Ultimate Guide – #2

eBay is the biggest ecommerce market place flooded with millions of sellers & buyers worldwide. eBay grabs the largest customer database and has been successful in attracting more buyers than any other online sales channel.

eBay is more popular than others because of its substantial amount of customers, but on the other hand it is drenched with not so genuine kind of buyers & sellers.

Advantage of Selling on eBay:

  • Excellent customer feedback system
  • eBay is itself a massive brand compared to others
  • eBay offers storefront customization options
  • Infinite product category on eBay compared to Amazon
  • eBay Auctions are still the favourite amongst sellers & buyers
  • Leverage of being tagged with biggest ecommerce brand – eBay
  • Fair enough seller and buyer protection policy
  • Less marketing and more selling

Disadvantage of Selling on eBay:

  • Fees are high and may cut your profit, they also vary on what you sell or buy
  • eBay behaves less flexible in cross promotion
  • Keyword oriented market place, sellers may find hard to attract buyers for lesser known item names.
  • More liberty to buyers than sellers
  • eBay charges listing fees, also takes commission from each sale depending on the product price.
  • PayPal charges you as well

eBay is a mammoth in the ecommerce industry. The beauty of eBay is anyone can sell without any selling experience or without installing fancy eBay listing template design. Free listings in new eBay structure have attracted many sellers, but rise in the listing fee has eliminated many of them.

eBay is indeed a real time money minting online market and many have grown up developing a full time earning on eBay. But this depends on many factors like product line, product price, clear display of the products and a beautiful store design.

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