11 Success Traits for Magento eCommerce Business – Part 2

We are very excited to see you here reading the second part of our blog series 11 success traits on magento ecommerce website development. Read and enjoy.

Give Best Visuals

Buyers cannot feel or touch the products they are buying; they can only visualize the image. Hence you have only images in hand to convince the buyers at first instance. Make them beautiful then. There are many online photo editing tools and software available which are easy to use. Refer the list below to name a few of them: Toolpic, Pixlr, Picmonkey, Picfull, Fotor and many more. Just goggle it to find more of them.

Correlate your Products

Product descriptions are an introduction to your product; you need to develop a story around your products that will help buyers to imagine the usage of the same. For example: “T-Shirt for Sale” can be rewritten as “Look Vibrant, Give an attractive look to your personality with biggest designer T-Shirt Collection”.

SEO: Get easily Searched

Search engine optimization is complex and most vital component of any ecommerce site or store. If you don’t appear on the first page then how will you sell? In that case you need an expert SEO consultant that will optimize each and every pixel of your site or store.

Engage more…

To develop a successful online business you need to partner other online segments that will amplify your business more intensely. Well, this works like, inviting famous bloggers, article writers, guest writers, critics, reviewers, etc. to your store/site. They will visit and post something that will grab your buyers’ attention. The same way visit industry specific sites and stores to comment, post reviews about your products or services.

User experience must be awesome

Your store or site usable features shall be unmatched at any cost if you want your BUY NOW button to be punched right on the face every second. The only solution to this complex theory is to keep your site/store simple and interactive. Call our experts to know more.

Sell more be mobile

Yes! Optimize your site/store to load on each and every mobile device like smart phones, tablets & laptops. Buyers will use these media devices to browse your store/site on the go and they are far more likely to buy if your site/store is readable and easy to use. This way you make multiple sales.

Focus on one, than 2 in the bush

As explained above it is advisable to concentrate on designer T-Shirts rather than selling a wide range of male, female, kids garments. We don’t advice you to sell only t-shirts, but a steady & smooth start shall giver your strong grip.

Fair Pricing Policy

After all the hardwork, do you want your buyer to buy from your competitor just because his price are low than yours. Cary out a detailed research on price prevailing in market & your prospective price list shall be based on the same.

Last but not the least; don’t forget to contact our specialist magento ecommerce website development expert. You can visit our portfolio page to enrich your store design idea.

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