Facebook Post! Do you have a strategic PLAN?

Let’s get direct to the point before formally introducing facebook and disadvantages of not being on it. The point is after spending handsome amount behind a facebook business page design, you still lack! Why is it so? Let us explain.

You hire expert & professional facebook page designer to:
  • Set up another sales platform 
  • Make sales other than you regular ecommerce stores
  • Promote business & products on Facebook
  • Drive traffic from facebook 
  • Engage more with buyers
  • Generate sales leads & much more
You work on every minute detail before officially designing facebook page. Have ever thought that designing is not the end you need to convert visitors into buyers and that needs lots of effort.

Here we have discussed strategic planning when you interact with your facebook buyers whether new or old. These strategies along with beautiful designs together lead to great sales, strong customer database & repeated clients.

1) Make group for Better Target
Keep your buyers in mind while writing anything. Every post has to be designed keeping end reader in mind. Refine your targeted audience into small groups and then focus on creating post as per the groups classified.

For example you deal in readymade garments for females, now make small groups like toddlers, teens, married women, aged, seniors etc. Well, based on these groups you can prepare your post and target your audience likewise.

A post can be anything like blog, tweet, video, information, ad, campaign, infographic, a discount coupon or a new product launch. Make a wise move.

2) When to Post?
Yes, when you will post on your facebook page? Is it every day, twice or thrice a week? or just on weekends. It is quite simple to schedule post content and even facebook helps you to do so.

Use facebook insights to see the active periods of your visitors. Come up with fresh stocks on Monday & end a week long sale on Saturday. Be active on Sunday also. Use other week days to announce stock clearance sale or discount offers.

Don’t stretch any post for an extended time period. It will lose its charm & the customer too.

3) Where to Post?
Apart from scheduling your post it is also important to know where you post. You need to carefully distribute your content to different channels & platform that are connected to your facebook business page.

Invite guest bloggers, article writers, manufacturers & critics to share your blogs, profiles & contents on their sites. This will tend to build a partnership between you & them.

Your page links will increase and you will be visible to everyone everywhere online. That’s what you want.

4) How frequently you shall post?
Well, social media post have no typical time limit of posting any material on the page unlike blogs & newsletter once or twice a week. Actually you need to stay attached to your buyers every day. Regular updated and new post will track you as an active seller & increase your worth.

Follow the above guide to post on facebook and stay tuned with your buyers. You can also call us and ask for expert facebook page designer to discuss your probable facebook page design.

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