8 great ways for eCommerce sellers to do well on Facebook

There are 1.11 billion active users worldwide on the most viral social media platform – Facebook. You cannot ignore it anymore unless you are satisfied with handful buyers. There are numerous selling opportunities on facebook; you can post interactive ads of products to reach out hundreds & thousands of buyers out there.

Business ads are good marketing tool, but beyond posting ads you need to communicate with the user by quality content to bridge the gap between you & your potential customer.

In this bog we will see how effectively you can engage with buyers on facebook. Let’s see.

1) It must be Relevant: A consistency in your FB post shall be maintained throughout. Your product or services must correlate to whatever you prepare to post on facebook. If you fail to maintain relevancy between your business & FB post you will not only lose a buyer but never be able to regain him/her.

2) Stay Active, Post Regularly: Stay active on your FB page, don’t bother about holidays. Schedule a time table to post on regular basis and keep buyer updated about your business activities. Research about what your buyers like on your FB page.

3) Tempt buyers to visit daily: How? Use a custom facebook fan page design to engage more visitors from experienced social media designers. These designs are beautiful and attractive to lure visitors to visit again and again. Make every single day like an occasion on your FB page. Celebrations don’t need invitations.

4) Respond Immediately: Leave an immediate reply if anyone like your post, article, event, image or any literature you place on FB. This will make communication more active and encourage others to like, reply, re-reply etc. remember more communication means more customers.

5) Post Interesting stuff: Don’t bore. Avoid posting complex stuffs & lengthy texts, it will soon yawn anyone reading and urge him/her to look for something interesting. Give some space to humor, motivational quotes, inspirational stories, info graphics, memes etc. in your daily post schedule. Keep amusement quotient alive!

6) Demonstrate with Images & Videos: Images speak more than words and always follow this rule. Demonstrating your products with image & videos is the best & successful marketing idea. Image gives visual idea and video gives practical idea.

7) Track your progress: Like Google analytics facebook also provides statistics called page insights to track the progress of your page. Check them daily and plan your strategies accordingly.

8) Product Campaigning: Organize short contest on your page and request your buyers to invite their friends & contacts to take part in the contest. Also reward them with free samples. Plan a giveaway gift for your regular buyers. Offer seasonal discounts; praise them to give their opinions to serve them better.

Facebook has given new dimensions to the online community. The tips given above are simple & easy to follow for amazing results, but first of all you need decent facebook page designs to show case your business activities to the users.

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