Scenario 1: Customers’ Expectations Not Fulfilled

In business whether offline or online customer service is the core defining factor and most concerned area where everyone trying their best to leave no single possibility to please their client and many times risk new ideas to give maximum benefits to the clients and that is what all about.

On the other hand there are sellers that may worry little about client’s worthiness and following the same trait end up in a situation.

The math is very simple; just deliver remarkable customer service and nothing less than that. Why? Because a single negative feedback can deploy you from what you have been doing since a long time. In this blog post we have tried to explain various reasons on what cost you might incur if you don’t pay attention to your customers? Let us see what they are?

The Seller & the Customer
90% Seller believes that their customer satisfaction rate is the highest and their clients are buying from them repeatedly because of their superior customer services. Now, do you believe this fact any way? Everybody is a customer and has felt the good and bad side of the consumer services at any single or multiple instances of his/her life.

On the contrary the buyers too feel that sellers time and again meet their expectation. But wait this is only 1 out of 10. And this is a highly concerned matter if you fall in this category as a seller.

How often your customers complain? If they do so do you act promptly?
The actual fact is sellers receive buyers complain on various subjects like cost, shipping, after sales service, delivery etc. According to a study 70% buyers complain occasionally and only 5% buyers do it frequently. Even though the ratio of frequently complain is less it is still to be minimized to zero. But, how?

First of all respond them quickly acknowledging them that you have received their complain and it is forwarded to concerned department to look into the problem. This will morally upgrade your credit in client’s mind. 20 out of 100 sellers do this every day and improve their negative feedbacks.

This particular strategy works every time because 65% sellers even don’t structure a simple plan to be executed when they receive a negative comment. Well, this is just a frustrating situation.

Merely sending an acknowledge mail of receiving a complain to a buyer will not solve the problem you will need to actually solve the problem and fetch a positive comment otherwise you very well know what could happen.

Keep reading the blog series for the second half. We will try to disclose some facts on the situation when sellers don’t fulfill client’s requirements or don’t address their grievance.

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