Scenario 2: Customers’ Expectations Not Fulfilled

You have atleast looked into the problem. What about sellers who ignore their buyers completely? They are serious offenders.
Think of those who never respond at all. Yes, many sellers even don’t respond to the buyers complain. It is true they simply ignore them & carry on their sales. eBay is not for such sellers, they will soon get banned from the store. Actually these types of sellers use fishing techniques. They will hook a beautiful eBay template design on their store to lure buyers. Once a buyer is trapped and makes final payment these sellers wind up their communication with them.

Hence before dealing look into the comments of other buyers.

The good and the Bad: Negative comments directly Corresponds to Sellers

The bad news first - Negativity does everything bad, due to negative comments 30 out of 100 sellers have lost their regular buyers, revenue or their entire business online. Now, what you must do if you don’t want to end up like this?

The good one -Restructure your consumer policy, don’t take harsh decision. Losing something small saves very big loss overtime. If buyer demands cash back give it with a broad smile. If possible replace it with a new one or give them discount coupon to use them on their next purchase. See the result.

These customers will pay more next time if you establish trust in them. 90% buyers are paying more for a genuine consumer service available. Buyers just need to secure their purchase from you. That’s all.

Not only they pay more but recommend you 5 times more to other buyers. Now that is what you want. It is just a give and take business. You deliver well, you get good in return.

The return on investment gets high when there are positive comments
The fact is true and is tried and tested method to increase your ROI. Sellers that provide unmatched after sales or pre-sales service has seen 11% increase in their annual revenue every year.

Well, today world has become a global market place and no seller wants to lose even a single penny out there. it is foreseen that most of the buyers or companies will compete each other in terms of consumer services in near future above all.

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