“Simplicity is more elegant”

The above phrase refers to “Diamond” the colorless gem. Although without being colorful diamond is recognized with its beauty where ever you see it. So, considering the diamond example, we develop our designs where we use balanced level of colors instead of too many colors as they make the template noisy urging the visitor to skip your products listing very easily.

Plain white backgrounds with dark shades are trending more these days adding a royal feel to the designs. When you look at these exemplary designs it gives eye soothing pleasures. 

Along with simplicity you need to tempt your customers so that they stay for a long time and visit your store repeatedly. Luring your customers shall be done swiftly with a “Hot Product” offer with heavy discount for a limited period of time. Now this will really tempt your customers to check your store every day for new product offers.

Our eBay Shop Design have managed to keep Categories with solo Image for many clients

Many clients have customized the category to be as simple as possible with only a single image and that too plain in color. Believe us this works well with customers. When you keep categories simple the customer has to put less effort in finding their desired product. The easy going search crave customer to go for other pages. 

Easy navigation through store pages must be the basic feature of any design and this common element attracts repeated visitors on the store. Simple yet beautiful design, customer oriented product line & top notch customer services elevate sales more than any other app or service.  

Contact us for commendable eBay Shop Design to make your online store worth as your product. We have wide collection of designer templates that will suit every type of business. If you are planning for a new store, just drop us a mail & our talented eBay store designer will get back to you immediately.

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