The Dilemma of not having an eBay Listing Template

Let us get straight forward to the point as mentioned in the above statement.

Situation # 1

You say your customers fly away, even when you have installed a superb eBay auction template on your store to attract them. Why???

You don’t have full day to convince your buyer, it is just a fraction of second that decides whether the buyer stays or walks away. In a very short time the buyer decides whether your listing is worth staying on or not.

If you are using a Microsoft word built in template than really you have a situation here. There are loads of designer templates available that are easy to install and millions of online sellers are using it every day – The problem is you haven’t thought about it till now.

Ask your self – How much time do you spend on a listing having all rainbow colors, stylish fonts, beautiful image etc.

The Answer is – ZERO!!!

Situation # 2

Your customers stay – but for very short time. They walk away without bidding. Why???

It is because of the images that you have uploaded. When a buyer visits your store he/she first comes across product images before description of the product. If images are not appealing enough the buyer walks away.

Our designer templates give you high resolution image uploading facility. So that you can visibly explain your products with variant angles and convince them to buy the product.

Our eBay template designs can save your hours of manual work needed in uploading product images. Ask for your self – Would you go shopping & purchase anything with a blindfold?

Obviously – NO!

Situation # 3

There are 1000s of companies online offering FREE & paid eBay auction template. Are they worth?

No they are not worth. Don’t get surprised, because these designer companies offer professionally designed templates, marketing, SEO, branding services & an empty wallet. That’s yours.

These so called FREE & professionally designed templates may not match your exact requirements. If you sell garments, you need different template for casuals, formals, ethnic wear etc. increasing budget load on your wallet.

Contact us for tons of designer templates that exactly matches your business requirements & that too for only £ 3.99.

We give you the best we have. Ready to use & custom made eBay templates to pull those buyers that fly away. 

Contact us today an get in touch with our experts.

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