What else you can do with an eBay store design?

A colorful eBay design will jump start your online sales in few hours, same as millions of newbie sellers do every seconds on eBay. Wait it’s not only sales for what you are here? Only selling will get you some real bucks, but what about massive sales and repeated sales? So, here is the answer - you need to do some smart sales and for that you need to figure out the techniques to do the same.

There are many ways to attract online buyers to your stores, but you succeed only when you get repeated visitors on the stores and they eventually convert into real buyers. Moreover, these real time buyers shall continue to buy from your store and that is also equally important.

A short guide to do the same is explained here.

Define your business with your LOGO: Only colorful eBay store design is not enough, an appealing logo will speak everything about your products and business. Take help of a creative expert. Design an extravagant logo and you will see an increase in your online traffic. Use your logo as a brand icon among your buyers, this will create a brand of your business & product. Successful businesses have the history of logos behind it. You can Google it.

Use catchy Taglines: 
To get repeated visitors and repeated sales you need to be strongly present in customer’s conscious memory, but HOW? Create a tagline add to your logo and lay more stress on this tagline while marketing your store online. Remember the tagline must be short and easy to memorize.

Use Product Images: Picture speaks loud, clear and more than words. Use high resolution images and moreover your own images. Try to reduce the frequency of using images that others use frequently on web. Use multiple angle images of single product to give better perspective.

Use Videos: Apart from HD images, upload a product video so that visitors get more idea about the product. Sound and picture together lays more emphasis on human mind. It is pure science.

Do some shuffling: Timely change the content, images, products etc. on your store to give it a fresh look. Also schedule a regular update for blog entries, articles, post, twitter and Facebook pages. Visitors always strive to see something new, so give them. This practice will be a reason for them to come back.

Be Informative: Off course visitors will go for product information, but other than that give knowledge based info to them. Write a short story on the product’s journey from factory to showroom. Also narrate some entertaining facts about your products. Education based info helps selling more.

Stay in touch: Schedule a weekly or monthly newsletter about new arrivals, special discounts, season greetings etc. but do not OVERDO IT. Your next letter may open up in spam. Use logo and tagline in these letters. Do not fake yourself. Do not always lure customers with discounts. Many of them don’t really bother. Be genuine & give genuine products. Deliver what you promise.

After sales: The most crucial area of your business, and affects both online & offline. Resolve the customer’s query quickly; this will create a positive impression. This positivity will earn you repeated customers. Trace record of successful online or offline business houses; you will see their classic after sales services.

Practice friendly business policy: Do not quarrel with customers. Be friendly while settling any dispute. If the clients ask for refund, exchange, cash back, extra discounts then talk to them personally. Appoint a senior personal capable of taking spot decisions to deal with the situation. Do not keep clients waiting or switch calls from one department to others.

This creates a negative impression and you will lose valuable client. On the other hand this particular client will give negative feedback and influence other clients. Now, this is not done. Hence incorporate friendly policies on your store to serve your client better.

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