Indispensable Components of a Custom eBay Store Front Design

There are enormous designing service providers online with intelligent tools to craft a magnificent design out of traditional ones. So, what exactly you should look for into these designs? In other words apart from being attractive these custom eBay store front design must be smart enough to give you back end support.

Header Design: Header is the first cut what a visitor gets upon arriving on your storefront. It gives the idea about what products you are selling. A smart header design includes logo, social media links, email links & contact numbers.

Logo remains in the top and other links are generally at the top or bottom.

Store LOGO: A well defined logo speaks everything about your business. It should be creatively crafted with smart combination of fonts, colors, symbols, illustrations etc. you can go for a simple logo design too, but that is risky job.

Many times simple design turns out to be nonperforming and on the other hand it may get you notify amongst your customers in a short time.

Search Box: This is yet another inevitable supply on eBay designs. the search must be based on the product name or category. If your store search box is not integrated, buyer will hint the trouble and go away.

Store Navigation: Keep this short and simple. Do not tag each and every link on the store navigation bar. Only important page links shall be posted like Home, About us, Services, Portfolio, FAQ & Contact us. Other links shall be either on top or bottom.

Flash Banners: Images are vital to any designs. Rotating banners up to 3 or 5 images are generally used. Many designers use up to 7 images in banners. The whole concept of banner images depends on the design as a whole.

Do put some taglines on the images related to your product to help visitors understand more. Offers & promotional text can also be added in the flash banners.

Dynamic Store Categories: A custom design eBay store allows you to alter the categories. The word dynamic lessens the manual work in the product category section. It allows you to add eBay store categories on the listing templates. The latest updated category is displayed.

If the listing template is a static HTML page then it will not auto update.

Custom Category with Images: This works as a display shelf for the sellers where they tag a product image with its description, price, shipping info etc. gradually taking a buyer to the consecutive pages when they click. A brief intro of your product in the custom category with image pushes the visitor to grab more info about the product.

Many sellers follow this trend.

Newsletter & Promotional Items: It is an ideal practice to keep a small amount of space on the home page for offers, promotional material display, news, updates etc. This space can be utilized to put a small subscription form for monthly newsletters. Generally these items are seen on the left panel.

A beautiful design with these intelligent features contributes on a large scale to the sellers.

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