5 Basics to work out before selling on eBay?

1. Do some Research work
Research is an applied principle while doing any business online or offline. Here do some R & D about your product like who else is selling it on eBay, what shall be the opening price, listing format and number of product category.

This will help you create good listing and tag reasonable price for the products. Give brief description about product so that buyers feel more comfortable to bid.

Buyers would also like to know about the delivery charges and especially who bears it.

2. Effective Listing
Create a listing page in an impacting way, so that your buyers are attracted. Display product image with a short description. Use High quality images. Refer active & ended listings for pricing policy; you will get better idea from it.

Tons of companies give eBay store designer services at very low cost for building an effective listing. You can opt for them too.

Manage to offer FREE shipping if possible and if not then be reasonable with shipping terms.

3. Solve Buyers Query
Attend your buyers quickly by replying to their queries instantly. This will impact them at large. Prepare a FAQ section regarding how to purchase from your store? Doubts that arise in buyer’s mind are to be thoroughly cleared, so that he/she can decide about buying.

This practice shall earn you some great feedbacks and these feedbacks ultimately will fetch you new buyers.

4. Shipping & Delivery Terms
After receiving payment confirmation from the money receiving affiliate you will have to ship the product. Make sure you ship the buyers item within agreed time period between you and the buyer or according to your company’s shipping polices.

After shipping track the consignment and forward it to your buyer with a confirmation mail. Make sure that your buyer receives the physical goods in stipulated time period. Hence, selection of a professional delivery company is equally important as shipping.

5. Getting Paid
Ship your buyer’s consignment only after receiving payments. eBay accepts payments through PayPal only. There is no alternate to it. Payments time may vary so do not panic. eBay is a reliable platform that ensures secured transaction from both sides.

These are the basics of selling on eBay that are to be worked out before you actually start selling in a full fledged. In the initial stage keep your listings small to avoid confusions. Gradually grow your listings.

You can also take help of experts that render eBay store designer services to build attractive listings and eBay store designs.

Read our blogs to know now more about eBay store designs and how you can use them to sell more.

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  1. Yes, you have mentioned all the important aspect before selling on eBay. And yeah it's true eBay store design plays an important role too.