Best ways to manage a successful eBay Storefront

The big daddy of ecommerce sales channel “eBay” has more than 2 million sellers online. Half of them consider selling on eBay as their first and foremost source of income. eBay gave a centralized buying & selling platform for worldwide buyers and sellers. Many successful store operators credit their success to eBay along with mentioning how they mastered the art of online sales. If you are a new comer, you need to know about the basics of online sales, managing & running a successful eBay storefront.

Focus on Specific Products
Find a specific product or single category of product to sell. Successful store owners on eBay have history of selling single product rather than multiple types of products in the primary stage. This will keep you focused on latest market trends about the product you are selling, customer services, shipping arrangement and buying in bulk quantity from the manufactures.

Buyers on ebay are intelligent, they can sense if you are trying to sell unwanted stock from your garage or store room. Buyers’ trust genuine sellers, not those having garage sales or yard sales on eBay. So, do not make garage sales or yard sales on eBay.

Ecommerce Research 
Constant study is important to survive in the ecommerce market. Do not make hasty decisions or copy others. Before being a seller be a buyer, this will help you understand the pros and cons of the entire game. Even eBay encourages this practice and advices its sellers to study the process and then go further.

This has become the tendency of many online sellers to go with the flow. They keep on spending money after marketing, expensive eBay designs & templates without building a customer base. This habit may run you out of finance and shut your online business.

Remember many people have made record break sales even when eBay designs, eBay templates or even eBay store itself was not introduced.

Customer services
Quality customer service is not the cup of tea for every seller, whether online or offline. You need to tell your customers loud and clear that you care for them and that they are at right place. Give 100% cash back in case of disputes and stick to this policy. 

Get personalized with your customers by handing a thankyou note with products they purchase. Mail customers with tracking details, shipping arrangements, expected time of arrival etc.

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