Selling on Popular Sales Channels: An Ultimate Guide – #5

Shopify is a well known ecommerce market place that gives ample of opportunity to customize your online stores and pour a versatile brand image into it. Shopify is easy because you a store owner can modify his/her store even without any designing knowledge. Also it offers a wide online support to its store owners. Shopify also equips its store owners with a huge collection of apps and add-ons to add more flexibility and resource to your store.

Shopify has some extensive features that cannot be over looked. Let us see what are they and how they help.

  • More than 100 professional themes, access to HTML & CSS of the store.
  • Shopping cart with inbuilt shipping rates, reduced shopping cart abandoned rate with mailing facility to the potential customer informing them about their incomplete purchase process.
  • Access to buyer’s profile to learn more about them and their shopping practice.
  • Buyers can go on without creating an account as a guest.
  • SEO optimized stores, tons of buyers, abundance of marketing opportunities and social media integration.
  • Intuitive store insights to navigate the sales and growth of your online stores.
  • Micro monitoring on product sales and performances.

Shopify Advantage:

  • 14 days FREE trial available
  • 24x7 online support through email, live chat and expert calls
  • Forecast sales by reporting Features
  • Shopify has inbuilt email marketing system
  • Speedy shopping with Shopify
  • SEO stores, themes, templates, add-ons and much more
  • Progressive platform for fresh sellers
  • 1 GB to unlimited file storage space within the packages
  • Zero transaction fees, unlimited products, discount code engine & fraud analysis tools.

Shopify Disadvantage:

  • SEO optimized but a little low compared to WooCommerce
  • Less cost effective compared to Amazon and eBay
  • Customize options less compared to eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce etc.
  • No access to ready-made customer base
  • PHP knowledge is must to customize templates
  • If you are a wordpress addict, Shopify blogging software is not for you

Shopify store owners enjoy the benefits in their own way with technical limitations. There are many options available in the ecommerce marketplace today and any one can go with any of them according to their business requirements.

Shopify also offers great feature like gift cards, expert reporting system, shopping cart recovery, report building and real time shipping options with package price that range from $29 to $179.

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Selling on Popular Sales Channels: An Ultimate Guide – #4

With the help of WooCommerce free ecommerce toolkit you can transform your site into an online ecommerce store with the help of the most popular wordpress plugin. Sellers have experienced of selling almost anything on it with easy and customized features.

Like, Shopify WooCommerce has tons of templates to select and showcase your store in a beautiful way. It also offers free & commercial extensions for store optimization process.

Now, before going into a comparative study let’s see the features of WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Features:

  • You can enhance your store slider tools & product gallery as on the default design is simple.
  • WooCommerce accepts payments through PayPal, credit cards and cash on delivery. Apart from streamlined payment options they have got specific options to make payments.
  • Varied shipping options to cater distribution system
  • You can easily manage your product line with the help of WP centric user interface.
  • Easy inventory management system for day-to-day sales.
  • Manage sales, reviews, product stock, specific and overall store performance with the help of reporting tools.
  • Responsive store design to fit any screen size

WooCommerce Advantage:

  • Customized shops and tons of themes and Add ons available
  • User friendly Interface
  • Unlimited product and categories
  • Fully SEO optimized storefronts
  • Easy to rank in search engines
  • Absolutely FREE to use

WooCommerce Disadvantage:

  • Unable to support large stores
  • Paid add ons and extensions required to enrich the functionality
  • More paid features will cost and budget will be effected
  • Paid online support
  • Store security can be easily compromised

WooCommerce is popular among users that engage more with wordpress. Operating a wordpress site is easy and so is the WooCommerce store. Seller is smart enough to select his/her desired sales channel according to their convenience.

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Selling on Popular Sales Channels: An Ultimate Guide – #3

OpenCart Development

OpenCart is yet another interesting ecommerce platform with easy setup to build an online ecommerce store. OpenCart offers loads of themes and add-ons that are free and you can get an active site with distinct payment options totally free.

On the contrary ecommerce sales channels like Woo Commerce & Shopify take charges from you. Well, let us take a look at how OpenCart development can advantage and disadvantage sellers while they use it.

OpenCart Advantage

  • It is FREE & actively developed shopping cart
  • It’s an open source platform with huge amount of themes & add-ons.
  • Paid extensions has low price
  • It is fast and has multi store functionality
  • Admin interface is appreciable

 OpenCart Disadvantage

  • It can slow down the site load speed keeping user waiting
  • Themes cannot be modified
  • New module codes can be vulnerable to threats online
  • Hook system & event system are poor, not like drupal or symfony.
  • Without event system you cannot do anything in the module

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Selling on Popular Sales Channels: An Ultimate Guide – #2

eBay is the biggest ecommerce market place flooded with millions of sellers & buyers worldwide. eBay grabs the largest customer database and has been successful in attracting more buyers than any other online sales channel.

eBay is more popular than others because of its substantial amount of customers, but on the other hand it is drenched with not so genuine kind of buyers & sellers.

Advantage of Selling on eBay:

  • Excellent customer feedback system
  • eBay is itself a massive brand compared to others
  • eBay offers storefront customization options
  • Infinite product category on eBay compared to Amazon
  • eBay Auctions are still the favourite amongst sellers & buyers
  • Leverage of being tagged with biggest ecommerce brand – eBay
  • Fair enough seller and buyer protection policy
  • Less marketing and more selling

Disadvantage of Selling on eBay:

  • Fees are high and may cut your profit, they also vary on what you sell or buy
  • eBay behaves less flexible in cross promotion
  • Keyword oriented market place, sellers may find hard to attract buyers for lesser known item names.
  • More liberty to buyers than sellers
  • eBay charges listing fees, also takes commission from each sale depending on the product price.
  • PayPal charges you as well

eBay is a mammoth in the ecommerce industry. The beauty of eBay is anyone can sell without any selling experience or without installing fancy eBay listing template design. Free listings in new eBay structure have attracted many sellers, but rise in the listing fee has eliminated many of them.

eBay is indeed a real time money minting online market and many have grown up developing a full time earning on eBay. But this depends on many factors like product line, product price, clear display of the products and a beautiful store design.

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Selling on Popular Sales Channels: An Ultimate Guide – #1

Our expert team at eBaytSoreDesigner has created an ultimate guide for our readers to comprehend various sales channels and select wisely which one could benefit them more.

It can be a really hard time to select one or prioritize popular ecommerce channels to open online stores and sell with them. In order to avoid confusion we have pen down a comparative study between all these ecommerce channels in terms of advantages & disadvantages so that sellers can get clear idea which way to go.


Magento offers variety of themes from the magento connects area to the sellers. These themes cost around £50 & extensions around £700 which is costly so far.

Magento being one of the largest ecommerce sites allows its sellers with flexible options to operate an online store. Almost everybody is familiar with leading sales channels prevailing in this global ecommerce market place.

Magento handles millions of Products, Currencies, Payment Methods, Languages & above all unlimited Buyers every day. Let us compare the advantage and disadvantage of magento platform.

Magento Advantages:

  • Intuitive page editor to build & modify what you sell
  • User friendly content management system
  • Responsive Magento shopping carts for all types of screens
  • Advance SEO techniques to improve organic traffic
  • Magento supports 500000+ products & more than 1900000+ orders per day
  • Excellent user experience & sales potential
  • Integration with third party sales platforms
  • Stringent security features to avoid breach
  • Intelligent search features
  • More than 240000 ecommerce users globally
  • You can make & operate multiple ecommerce stores

  • Magento Disadvantages:

  • Magento is an open source system and offers customization, but to implement these high end customizations you need sophisticated coding. This is not available with magento; you will need to hire professionals.
  • VPS, Dedicated servers & cloud servers uses robust server, ample of storage space and memory, which magento might not be using.
  • Magento is found to be slow on dedicated servers affecting your page loading speed.
  • Extensions & hosting service is costly

  • There are certain advantage & disadvantage associated with magento, yet it’s a great choice to set up an online store. Hiring a professional magento developer will be a wise decision if you are planning to go with magento.

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    11 Success Traits for Magento eCommerce Business – Part 2

    We are very excited to see you here reading the second part of our blog series 11 success traits on magento ecommerce website development. Read and enjoy.

    Give Best Visuals

    Buyers cannot feel or touch the products they are buying; they can only visualize the image. Hence you have only images in hand to convince the buyers at first instance. Make them beautiful then. There are many online photo editing tools and software available which are easy to use. Refer the list below to name a few of them: Toolpic, Pixlr, Picmonkey, Picfull, Fotor and many more. Just goggle it to find more of them.

    Correlate your Products

    Product descriptions are an introduction to your product; you need to develop a story around your products that will help buyers to imagine the usage of the same. For example: “T-Shirt for Sale” can be rewritten as “Look Vibrant, Give an attractive look to your personality with biggest designer T-Shirt Collection”.

    SEO: Get easily Searched

    Search engine optimization is complex and most vital component of any ecommerce site or store. If you don’t appear on the first page then how will you sell? In that case you need an expert SEO consultant that will optimize each and every pixel of your site or store.

    Engage more…

    To develop a successful online business you need to partner other online segments that will amplify your business more intensely. Well, this works like, inviting famous bloggers, article writers, guest writers, critics, reviewers, etc. to your store/site. They will visit and post something that will grab your buyers’ attention. The same way visit industry specific sites and stores to comment, post reviews about your products or services.

    User experience must be awesome

    Your store or site usable features shall be unmatched at any cost if you want your BUY NOW button to be punched right on the face every second. The only solution to this complex theory is to keep your site/store simple and interactive. Call our experts to know more.

    Sell more be mobile

    Yes! Optimize your site/store to load on each and every mobile device like smart phones, tablets & laptops. Buyers will use these media devices to browse your store/site on the go and they are far more likely to buy if your site/store is readable and easy to use. This way you make multiple sales.

    Focus on one, than 2 in the bush

    As explained above it is advisable to concentrate on designer T-Shirts rather than selling a wide range of male, female, kids garments. We don’t advice you to sell only t-shirts, but a steady & smooth start shall giver your strong grip.

    Fair Pricing Policy

    After all the hardwork, do you want your buyer to buy from your competitor just because his price are low than yours. Cary out a detailed research on price prevailing in market & your prospective price list shall be based on the same.

    Last but not the least; don’t forget to contact our specialist magento ecommerce website development expert. You can visit our portfolio page to enrich your store design idea.

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    11 Success Traits for Magento eCommerce Business – Part 1

    Success with magento ecommerce website can be intangible if overlooked without a professional touch because the competition is very severe. The success of your website or online store depends on the overall look, functionality and mobility. According to an online research agency, 35% of buyers abandon purchase process due to complex site navigation system, 25% due to prolonged ordering process and 10% because of the website overall performance. There are numerous reasons to add the list, but that’s not our today’s point of discussion.

    Mobile technology has laid a massive impact on the ecommerce industry and no seller can manage multi angular sales by ignoring it. This way mobile shopping has taken ecommerce market place at storm raining trillions of dollars every year and still expected to increase in near future.

    You really need a smart strategy to grab your market share in this competitive time. eBayStoreDesigner brings you a brilliant compilation of successful magento ecommerce website development tips that will surely boost your online sales.

    Read carefully to follow and implement the same to get guaranteed results.

    Integrate a genuine strategy to restore buyers

    Studies from highly acclaimed business schools reveal that business houses spend more to fetch new buyers compared to maintain the existing ones. A competent strategy must be incorporated so that buyers are retained. Well, what does a competent strategy look like? You can offer discounts to regular buyers, loyalty coupons, money back offers, seasonal discounts and festival bonus to attract your buyers. These are sure shot triggers to urge buyer’s to shop from you rather than your competitor. Another reason for your buyer to bounce back to you is the quality and price that you offer them.

    Offer High End Support Services

    A poor after sales service is enough to ruin your business whether online or offline and can cost you heavily. OK, what frustrates a buyer most? Yes, it is a filthy support service and there are number of aspects like you are dishonest in returns and refunds, shipping cost, you charge extra for free services and unearth hidden charges after a buyer makes purchase. All these together or in particular can easily tarnish your trustworthiness.

    Well, then how to troubleshoot them? Simply appoint a customer care executive to look after all these affairs. Reach out to your buyer with all means like email, phone call, message, postal letters etc. and resolve queries if any. An excellent customer care service always pays the seller and tempts the seller to come back again and again.

    Product Promotion

    Keeping a continuous flow of online traffic, you need to design a smart email marketing plan that will deliver something new every time a buyer opens your mail. These promotion tactics keep you ranked high in the buyers’ insight. And if exact buyer segment is targeted with exact product promotion campaign then your sales will sky high within a short time. High revenue is a by-product not to mention.

    Read part 2 of the blog series for more information on the success traits of your ecommerce business. Find more interesting facts on magento ecommerce website development in the next blog.

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