Selling on Popular Sales Channels: An Ultimate Guide – #5

Shopify is a well known ecommerce market place that gives ample of opportunity to customize your online stores and pour a versatile brand image into it. Shopify is easy because you a store owner can modify his/her store even without any designing knowledge. Also it offers a wide online support to its store owners. Shopify also equips its store owners with a huge collection of apps and add-ons to add more flexibility and resource to your store.

Shopify has some extensive features that cannot be over looked. Let us see what are they and how they help.

  • More than 100 professional themes, access to HTML & CSS of the store.
  • Shopping cart with inbuilt shipping rates, reduced shopping cart abandoned rate with mailing facility to the potential customer informing them about their incomplete purchase process.
  • Access to buyer’s profile to learn more about them and their shopping practice.
  • Buyers can go on without creating an account as a guest.
  • SEO optimized stores, tons of buyers, abundance of marketing opportunities and social media integration.
  • Intuitive store insights to navigate the sales and growth of your online stores.
  • Micro monitoring on product sales and performances.

Shopify Advantage:

  • 14 days FREE trial available
  • 24x7 online support through email, live chat and expert calls
  • Forecast sales by reporting Features
  • Shopify has inbuilt email marketing system
  • Speedy shopping with Shopify
  • SEO stores, themes, templates, add-ons and much more
  • Progressive platform for fresh sellers
  • 1 GB to unlimited file storage space within the packages
  • Zero transaction fees, unlimited products, discount code engine & fraud analysis tools.

Shopify Disadvantage:

  • SEO optimized but a little low compared to WooCommerce
  • Less cost effective compared to Amazon and eBay
  • Customize options less compared to eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce etc.
  • No access to ready-made customer base
  • PHP knowledge is must to customize templates
  • If you are a wordpress addict, Shopify blogging software is not for you

Shopify store owners enjoy the benefits in their own way with technical limitations. There are many options available in the ecommerce marketplace today and any one can go with any of them according to their business requirements.

Shopify also offers great feature like gift cards, expert reporting system, shopping cart recovery, report building and real time shipping options with package price that range from $29 to $179.

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